In June 2013 I took a full-time position as the Director of Marketing at Randolph Community College.
I will be unable to take on new web or design projects, but will continue to maintain and assist existing clients.

Thanks for five incredible years and best of luck in your business ventures!

Creative Concentrate - Asheboro Design


Welcome to the Kris Julian studio, allow me to introduce myself.  As you can probably infer by the name of the site, I'm Kris Julian, a freelance graphic and web designer living in Asheboro, North Carolina.  Though I design sites for local business, my clients are scattered throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.  First and foremost I consider myself an artist/graphic designer with 15 years experience in the industry.  The start of my focus was in illustration, cartooning, logo design, and promotional material design .  Along the way, a nifty creation called "the Internet" exploded on the scene and I found myself drifting more and more into the design of online digital applications, such as content management systems, static HTML websites, and flash animation.  To round out my toolbox, I also dabble in video editing and music creation.

Whew...I guess that covers most of it. I know what you're thinking...(well, not really, but here goes)...you're thinking, "Kris, there are millions of designers and website developers out there; what makes you so special?" out there. Honestly, my answer would be "not much" except for the fact that I love what I do, I enjoy working with individuals to develop a creative solution to their marketing questions and when you call, I answer (at least I try to...but I do return calls!). But don't take my word alone for...check out the testimonials of some of my friends and clients.